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Hi, I am Suzie Schutt.  I am the Owner and Licensed Massage Practitioner [LMP] for Rejuve with Massage.  I graduated with my Massage License in 2006 from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Tempe, AZ.  Included in my training was 815 hours of anatomy, physiology, and hands on modality training for Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Structural, Acupressure, and Shiatsu.  I moved to WA shortly after where I continued my training at Cortiva Institute in Structural, Pregnancy, Trigger Point, Sports, and Hot Rock.  I received my MBLEX certification (masters of bodywork) in 2011 and later opened my practice.  My goals are to continue my same studies while receiving certifications in structural and sports therapy.

I believe in privacy, compassion, and training.  While you are in a treatment with me you will be fully draped and the only exposed part of your body is the part I am working on.  Your session will be catered to your needs discussed during your consultation.  I will continue to check in with you during your session (if you are awake) on pressure and additional concerns or questions.  I believe the body is an amazing piece of machinery and we only get one.  Take care of it the best you can and when stress hits you or pain takes over, that's when I'm here to make you feel better.

You may be wondering why I do this.  I do this because in my view, it's all about you.  It's about you feeling better, you taking care of yourself, and you reaching your physical and emotional goals.  My dreams have always been to help others meet their goals by professionaly succeeding.  I have recently determined in addition to helping people meet their professional goals I also want to help them meet their personal goals.  Bodywork is the key to all of that.  I can look at your body and determine what I need to do to meet your needs and watch/feel your body respond.  With the ability of your body to respond and always to change you will then be able to do things you may have never dreamed of. 

My journey to Rejuve with Massage has been a fun one.  I grew up in Rockford, IL and graduated with a BS in Business Mangement from Northern Michigan University.  After college graduation I wanted to thaw out so my fiance (now husband) and I moved to Phoenix, AZ where I received my massage license.  We were in Phoenix for 3 years prior to moving to WA and calling Maple Valley home.  In addition to massage, I am a competitive figure skater turned coach.  I have been coaching figure skating for 10 years and continue to do so twice a week.

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