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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Below are the services I currently offer at Rejuve with Massage.  During your consultation we will come up with the best session to meet your needs.


Deep Tissue Massage:  Body treatment in one specified area (back, hips, neck/shoulders, etc).  Used to treat particular muscular disorders and should be used for individuals who experience a consistent area of pain.

Trigger Point Therapy:  Removes trigger points (knots) in constricted areas and myofacial pain.  May be used as a single session or joined with a Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Massage.

Manual Ligament Therapy:  Therapy used to "reset" ligaments and their response of the muscle to the brain.  May be used in addition to a swedish massage or deep tissue massage.  Therapy used on shoulders, arms, or back. 

Express Massage:  20 minute session on neck/shoulders.

Chair Massage:  Massage is performed in a massage chair and individual is fully clothed.  I perform chair massages in corporate offices or at events.


30 Minute bodywork session:  $35

60 Minute bodywork session:  $70

90 Minute bodywork session:  $95


3, 60 minute massage ($60 per session):  $195

3, 90 minute massage ($85 per session): $270

5, 60 minute massage ($55 per session): $300

5, 90 minute massage ($80 per session): $425


Forms of Payment


Check made payable to "Rejuve with Massage"

Cards:  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex


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